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Online registration and payment now possible see Registration page

Latest News! Version 4.0 was released to registered users on 12 Dec 2003.

Please refer to the latest News below, to provide documentation of the new features.

What is this?

This is the Home Page for the Wp2Html conversion program.

This page acts as a focus for registered users to see what is happening and for prospective users to download the evaluation kit and look through the documentation.

You can now jump to whichever section interests you

O What is Wp2Html?
O Download evaluation kit
O How to register
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O Online documentation
O Other WP convertors
O Graphics Conversion Programs.

What is Wp2Html?

Wp2Html is a program for converting WordPerfect and Word files into HTML.It handles all WP versions and formats including WP5.x, WP6,x, WP7.xand WP8.x in both DOS and Windows versions and MS Word files or formatWord97 and leter. It also deals with UNIXWordPerfect, VAX WordPerfect and NeXT WordPerfect.

It primary purpose is to translate large numbers of alreadyprepared Word/WordPerfect documents into a form where they can beusefully served onto the World Wide Web (HTML format)

There are still around 5 million WP users worldwide, so there must bea huge number of existing documents which could beusefully converted for Web viewing. It is also used inside other productslike DEC All in One Office, as the Email and document composer/viewer.

Unlike other convertors, Wp2Html will run standalone, quickly on Unixor DOS platforms and correctly converts Tables, Text, Styles and mostformatting codes. It will handle Equations and Figures in a reasonableway preserving most information but is currently limited by therestrictions of HTML as implimented by Netscape.

A full description, the installation proceedure and complete user manualare provided in the registration kit. The evaluation kit has a workabledemonstration version.

If you have neither WordPerfect nor Netscape (or other WWW browser)then you probably don't need Wp2Html anyway!

Download fully working unregistered version

There is an evaluation version of the program, which youcan download direct to your PC as a self extracting archive andplay around with it. If you like it you can then register for thesupported version as described when you run the program

Here is theevaluation kit for download. When you clickon the link, your browser should prompt you to save the file to disk.

Once you have this file on disk (should be 368128 bytes long)in a suitable directory, simply run it to automatically extract the packed archive. You will get a number of files, one of which is the DOS executable. You also get the full manual. Read thisto get some idea of what the program can do.

You are free to copy and pass on the evaluation kit, so long as it ispassed complete.

How to register

The registered copy costs 5 UK pounds. Full details are given in themanual that comes with the distribution kit.

To register, see the Online registration form or for more information send an Email toandrew@brackenbeds.co.uk withwp2html as the first word on the subject line.

What you get by registering is the current latest version of the program andthe manual.The program will continue to bedeveloped and extended, based on user requests, my needs and evolving HTML.Once registered you will receive all new versions as they appear plusoccasional "News Updates" which will contain tips or advance details of newfeatures.

For UNIX versions, please enquire via Email with wp2html unix as the firsttwo words on the subject line.

Latest news and version update

News on Dec 12th 2003 (Version 4.0)
News on May 9th 2001 (Version 3.3)
News on January 6th 2000 (Version 3.2)
News on August 30th 98 (Version 2.7)
News on March 13th 98 (Version 2.6c)

Other WP convertorsThere are other convertors which translate between WordPerfectand HTML. I will list the ones I know here, with my comments which Iwill try to keep unbiased. There is a pretty good list maintainedby the WWW organization which can be foundright here.

The big guns

Interleaf (the high end DTP people) have an HTML convertor built intotheir product. I guess if you use (and can afford) Interleaf you knowabout this. As a way of producing and maintaining documents in bothpaper and HTML forms this is probably good.

As Interleaf can read WordPerfect documents, this is one path toconverting WP to HTML. I have no experience but suspect the process isquite customizable as Interleaf (when I last looked) was all LISP based.(A user recently informed me that Cyberleaf actually cannot handleeither WP6 format files or Framemaker 5, so this rather limits theappeal)

Pros are probably good reliability, cons I suspect are speed, cost andthe chances that you cannot automate as much as you would like.

Framemaker is good (I have used the product on Unix at workfor some tim). The latest version claims to output HTML (I dont have itto try yet) and I know it reads WordPerfect (although it does notconvert equations or graphics.) There was a product from CERN, calledWebmaker,which was a set of routines to convert Frame to Html. This wasquite slow but did allow you to "program" the conversion.(By slow I mean it took 35 minutes on an AIX RISC machine to converta 20 page document with 12 images)

I have heard that the product, WebMaker, is now commercial.They have a web site too.

If ithas been tidied up and speeded up it should be very good. Downside ofcourse is that you have to have Framemaker to start with, then readthe WP docs into Frame, save as Frame (document or MIF) and thenrun WebMaker. (The last time Iconverted a big WP file into Frame, with no HTML re-convert, it tookabout 2 minutes or so on a Unix box.)

WordPerfect 6.1a the SGML edition has announced the HTML outputfeature. I cannot try this, but guess if you start with stucturedWP6 file it should be pretty good. To do WP5 is more of a problem asthe stucturing clues are less. However, Novell has just (November Ithink) announce a new version which handles tables (the previous onedid not) so again watch this space.

Pros are it comes from WordPerfect (Novell), cons are you needWP6.1a, 60 meg disk space and you have to convert each document byhand, reading it in and saving it out.

Smaller fry

Hunter Monroe has produced a set of WP macros. These work withmodified WP printer drivers. The descriptions look very good, and eventalk about convertion of equations, via bit maps into GIF (althoughreally the bandwidth friendly option is HTML when it comes) butwhen I tried to use them it complained about wrong versions of stuff.

Pros are the conversion of equations, cons(for me) is that you have to start WP, load the file, select options,print the file etc. Therefore not suitable for batch work.

David J Adams also has some WP macros which say they aresuperceded by Hunter Monroe's work.

wp2x the original inspiration for Wp2Html. Very good as a startingpoint, but does not handle WP5.1 properly (like it does not even recognisetables in WP) and cannot be suited to HTML really, it is more generalin form.

Any More?

If you know of/ use any others let me know, possibly include a descriptionand I will insert them in here.

I also intend to put in some info on GIF utilities, especially forgetting from WPG to GIF when I have the time.

Graphics Conversion Programs

A very common question regards converting Word Perfect Graphics (WPG)into GIF files for inclusion on Web pages. Ideally, Wp2Html would dothis automatically. Right now Wp2Html can extract the Internal WPGdata into separate WPG files on disk, and then spawn any convertorprogram you may have to convert these to GIF, before inseringthe appropriate <IMG> tags. So you need an external convertor.

I know of no ideal, cheap, quick and "batchable" convertor (yet). Ihave in the past used Lotus Freelance to import the WPG data underWindows, and resaved it as GIF. I have also used Lview (a Windowsgraphics viewer, which cannot read WPG format) by opening theGraphics inside WordPerfect and doing a Screen Capture of thebit image using Lview.

Recently however, I have been pointed at a new program, VuGrafix, whichis cheap, and reads WPG format. The process to save as a GIF isstill a little difficult, involving, Open WPG, Rasterize,Copy to Clipboard, Open new image window, Paste, Save as Gif. Andthis cannot be automated. However you can find VuGrafix if youfeel it useful atthis web address

If any users know of or use other convertors, please let me knowso I can add them to this section.

I still plan to write my own to integrate with Wp2Html if no othersimple to use convertor appear first.